Administrative Structure

The IEO has the rank of General Subdirectorate, on which two General Sub-Directorates depend:

  • Subdirectorate General for Research, responsible for the planning, coordination and evaluation of the Agency's scientific activity
  • General Secretariat, which deals with the planning, coordination and evaluation of economic and administrative management

The dependencies and relationships between the different units and Centers of the IEO are indicated in the attached organizational chart

Functional Structure

The IEO is headquartered in Madrid and has nine oceanographic centers spread across the Spanish coast:

  • Galicia (A Coruña and Vigo)
  • Andalusia (Cádiz and Málaga)
  • Baleares (Palma de Mallorca)
  • Canary Islands (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)
  • Asturias (Gijón)
  • Murcia (San Pedro del Pinatar)
  • Santander

It also has five experimental plants for marine cultures (one in Galicia, two in Cantabria, one in the Canary Islands and one in Murcia); twelve gauge stations and one satellite image receiving station. Its oceanographic fleet, with more than twenty vessels, has five important oceanographic vessels, including the Ramón Margalef and the Ángeles Alvariño, both 46 meters long. These last two vessels were supported by ERDF funds.

Organigrama del IEO

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