Currently, the Institute runs a 5 research vessels fleet, between 65 to 14 meters length: Ramón Margalef, Angeles Alvariño, Francisco de P. Navarro, J.Mª. Navaz, and Lura. All of them are equipped with the most modern electronic navigation systems, as well as the appropriate devices to collect water and sediment samples, determinate the physical-chemical variables of seawater, as well as for the biological studies of marine flora and fauna. The activity of these vessels, like the rest of MICINN ones, is coordinated in the framework of the Commission for Coordination and Monitoring of the Activity of Oceanographic Ships (COCSABO) whose secretariat falls to the IEO since its fundation in 2003.

Vessel Length Beam GRT Year of construction Crew No- Clients and Techn. Total capacity
B/O Mytilus 24 5,8 77,1 1996 0
B/O Ángeles Alvariño 46,7 10,5 951 2012 0
B/O Ramón Margalef 46,7 10,5 988 2011 0
B/O Francisco de Paula Navarro 30,5 7,4 178 1987 0
B/O Lura 14,3 4,0 34 1981 0
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Furthermore, the IEO owns a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) LIROPUS 2000, designed for the observation and sampling of deep ecosystems. It has been equipped with cameras and sampling instrumentation that are able to reach 2000 m depth.

In the framework of the IEO activities for governmental assessing in fisheries and natural resources, the IEO also performs oceanographic surveys at R/V Vizconde de Eza, R/V Miguel Oliver, and R/V Emma Bardán that are owned and runned by the General Secretariat of Fisheries.

Ship Unit Coordinator: José Ignacio Díaz Guerrero.